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31st Kilkenny Open

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October 2016

at Kilkenny & Callan


Mens Open Singles

S Quinn(Cork IT) def N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) 2-0

Mens B Singles

A Hickey(Rossmore) def  E Buggy(Kilkenny) 2-1

Mens C/D Singles

J Tennant(Wexford) def  C Carey(Fermoy) 2-0

Mens Novice Singles

P Norris(Callan) def  O Moloney(Galmoy) 2-0

Mens Novice B Singles

M Malone(Clogh/Moneenroe)  def  B Carey(Araglen) 2-0

Mens 40+ Doubles

N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Devenney(Ballinrobe) 2-0

Mens 50+ Singles

J Fitzgerald(Arklow) def  F Duffy(Clones) 2-0

Junior Singles

B Carey(Araglen) def J Kearney(Arglen) 2-1

Mens Open Doubles

P Ryder/S Quiin(Newport/Cork IT) def N O`Callaghan/E Tynan(Fermoy/Fethard) 2-1

Mens C/D/Novice Doubles

S Murphy/T Morrissey(Muckalee) def  B Walsh/J Ramsbottom(Kilkenny) 2-1

Posted on 24 Oct 2016 by admin
All Ireland Overage Championships 2016

Saturday 8th October 16

Pearse Stadium, Salthill, Galway

Men’s 30+ Singles
E Tynan(Fethard) def E Buggy(Kilkenny) 2-0
Men’s 35+ Singles
N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Walsh(Galway) 2-0
Men’s 40+ Singles
N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Devenney(Ballinrobe) 2-0
Men’s 45+ Singles
J Devenney(Ballinrobe) def G Lynch(Queens) 2-1
Men’s 50+ Singles
M Lynch(Tralee0 def JJ Bonn(Tralee) 2-0
Men’s 60+ Singles
P Walsh(Galway) def J Sheridan(Ballinrobe) 2-1
Men’s 30+ B Singles
M Shaughnessy (Galway) def T Shaughnessy(Galway) 2-0
Men’s 45+ B Singles
M O`Connor(Moycullen) def F Duffy(Aughaamullen) 2-0
Men’s 50+ B Singles
D Power(Mitchelstown) def  F Duffy(Aughamullen) 2-0
Men’s 30+ Doubles
N O`Callaghan/E Tynan(Fermoy/Fethard) def G Lynch/J Devenney(Queens/Ballinrobe) 2-0
Men’s 40+ Doubles
M Cunningham/D Power(Araglin/Mitchelstown) def D Lawlor/T O`Connor(Clogh/Tralee) 2-1
Men’s 50+ Doubles
JJ Bonn/M Lynch(Tralee) def P Benson/M Kelly(Moycullen/Ballinrobe) 2-1


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Results after Irish/Arklow Open 2016

Men`s Divisions

Open Singles

Patrick Hanley(Fermoy) def Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy) 2-0

B Singles 

Rob Ivanchie(USA) def Eoin Tynan(Fethard) 2-0

C/D Singles

Don Lawlor(Clogh/Moneenroe) def Mick Cunngham(Araglen) 2-1

Novice Singles

Mick Cunningham(Araglen) def Jason Tennant(Wexford) 2-0

40+ Singles 

Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def Eoin Tynan(Fethard) 2-0

50+ Singles

John Fitzgerald(Arklow) def  Francis Duffy(Clones) 2-0

Open Doubles 

Mark Murphy/Stevie Quinn(Kilkenny/Cork IT) def Patrick Hanley/Dwayne Magnier(Fermoy) 2-1

C/D/Novice Doubles 

John Fitzgerald/Don Lawlor(Arklow/Clogh) def Chris Sillery/James Byrne(Arklow/Arklow)

Women’s Divisions

Open Singles

Majella Haverty(Castlebar) def  Susan Farrell(Arklow) 2-0

Open Doubles

Tony Neary/Susan Farrell(Arklow) def Majella Haverty/Bernadette O`Callaghan(Castlebar/Fermoy) 2-0

Mixed Doubles

Mark Murphy/Majella Haverty(Kilkenny/Castlebar) def Noel O`Callaghan/Bernadette O`Callaghan(Fermoy) 2-0



Posted on 02 May 2016 by Tournament Sec
Irish Junior Open 2016

Irish Junior Open
Saturday 16th April 2016
At Kilkenny & Callan

Team (Aisling Hynes Memorial Cup)
1st Araglen 52pts
2nd Castlebar 32 pts
3rd Galmoy 31 pts
4th Mitchelstown 12pts

Boys Under 10 Singles
Colman Maloney(Galmoy) bt Eoin Hynes(Araglen) 2-0
Plate Winner: Jason Hynes(Araglen)

Boys Under 12 Singles
Daniel Hanrahan(Galmoy) def  Keelan O`Gorman(Araglen) 2-0
Plate Winner: Conor Twomey(Araglen)

Boys Under 14 Singles
Jack Kearney(Araglen) def Diarmuid Allen(Araglen) 2-0
Plate Winner: Stephen Lavelle(Castlebar)

Boys Under 16 Singles
Jack Kearney(Araglen) def Paul Hynes (Araglen) 2-0
Plate Winner: Odhran Maloney(Galmoy)

Girls Under 12 Singles
Sarah Ainsworth(Castlebar) def Thea Coleman(Mitchelstown) 2-0 (ret inj)
Plate Winner: Rachel Mulqueen(Mitchelstown)

Girls Under 14 Singles
Aoife Beckett(Araglen) def Julie Lavelle(Castlebar) 2-0
Plate Winner: Caoimhe Gibbons(Castlebar)

Posted on 17 Apr 2016 by admin
Results of All Ireland National Finals for Singles and Doubles (Kilkenny)

2nd/3rd April 2016

Men’s Divisions
Open Singles
Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def Mark Murphy(Kilkenny) 2-0
B Singles
Conor Skehan(Cork IT) def Joe Devenney(Ballinrobe) 2-0
C Singles
Ken Cottrell(Wexford) def Eamonn Buggy(Muckalee) 2-1
D Singles
Billy Walsh(Kilkenny) def  Pat Cleary(Wexford) 2-1
Novice Singles
Eanna Keleghan(Moycullen) def Tom Morrissey(Kilkenny) 2-0
Open Doubles
Mark Murphy/Stevie Quinn(Muckalee/Cork IT) def PatrickHanley/Darragh O`Donoghue(Fermoy/Araglen) 2-1
C/D Doubles
Ken Cottrell/John Ramsbottom(Wexford/Kilkenny) def  Billy Walsh/Pat Cleary(Kilkenny/Wexford) 2-0
Novice Doubles
JJ Bonn/Podge Dowd(Tralee/Kilkenny) def Mick Cunningham/Damien Kavanagh(Araglen/Arklow)  2-1
Women’s Divisions
Open Singles

Aisling Hickey(UCC) def Donna Ryder(Newport) 2-0
Open Doubles
Aisling Hickey/Donna Ryder(UCC/Newport) def Majella Haverty/Katie Kenny(Castlebar) 2-0

Posted on 04 Apr 2016 by Tournament Sec
25th Castlebar open

12th &13th March 2016


Men’s Divisions
Open Singles

Stevie Quinn(Cork IT)  def  P Hanley(Fermoy) 15-11, 10-15, 11-3

B Singles

Kevin Jennings(Castlebar) def D O`Donoghue(Araglin) 15-7, 12-15, 11-6

C/D Singles

Majella Haverty(Castlebar) def F Duffy(Clones)  15-14, 15-12

Novice Singles

Pat Hopkins(Ballinrobe) def M Cunningham(Araglin) 14-15, 15-8, 11-6

Novice B Singles

Michael Burke(Castlebar) def D Toumey(Castlebar) 15-8, 15-9

Open Doubles

Patrick Hanley/Darragh O`Donoghue(Fermoy/Araglen) def S Quinn.P Ryder(Cork ITT/Newport) 11-15, 15-11, 11-3

C/D doubles

Martin Lawless/Kieran Conway(Castlebar) def D Ryder/K Conway(Newport/Castlebar) 15-5, 15-8

Women’s Divisions
Open Singles

Donna Ryder(Newport) def K Kenny(Castlebar) 15-12, 15-6

C/D Singles

Olivia Downey(Moycullen) def  R Downey(Moycullen) 15-2, 15-4

Posted on 16 Mar 2016 by admin
All Ireland Junior Championships

Sat 5th March

Boys Under 10 Singles
Colman Maloney(Galmoy) def Jason Hynes(Araglen) 2-0

Boys Under 12 Singles
Daniel Hanrahan(Galmoy) def Keelan O`Gorman(Araglen) 2-0

Boys Under 14 Singles
Jack Kearney(Araglen) def  Ben Carey(Araglen) 2-0

Boys Under 16 Singles
Paul Hynes(Araglen) def Jack Hanrahan(Galmoy) 2-0

Girls Under 12 Singles
Sarah Ainsworth(Castlebar) def Thea Coleman(Mitchelstown) 2-1

Girls Under 14
Aoife Beckett(Araglen) def  Julie Lavelle(Castlebar) 2-0
Posted on 06 Mar 2016 by admin
3rd Galway Open

at Pearse Stadium, Galway

6th & 7th Feb 2016

Men’s Singles


P Hanley(Fermoy) def M Murphy(Kilkenny) 2-1


P Ryder(Newport) def  D Magnier(Fermoy)  2-1


M Shaughnessy(Moycullen) def  R Keleghan(Moycullen) 2-1

Novice B

J Sheridan(Ballinrobe) def K Clarke(Kingscourt) 2-1


N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Devenney(Ballinrobe) 2-0


P Benson(Moycullen) def M Lynch(Tralee) 2-0


Men’s Doubles


S Quinn/C Skehan(Cork IT)  def M Murphy/E Buggy(Kilkenny) 2-0


M Lynch/A Farmer(Tralee) def S O`Reilly/E Conneely(Moycullen)  2-1


Women’s Singles


A Hickey(UCC) def M Haverty(Castlebar) 2-0


R Downey(Moycullen) def O Downey(Moycullen) 2-0

Novice B

E Gill(Ballinrobe) def C Kearns(Moylagh) 2-0

Posted on 06 Mar 2016 by admin
Fermoy Open


23rd & 24th January 2016

At Fermoy & Mitchelstown, Co Cork


Awaiting results.....................................

Posted on 08 Feb 2016 by admin
Irish Women's Open Results 2015 (Newport)

Irish Women’s Open

21st & 22nd November

at Newport College, Newport, Co Tipperary


Open Singles

A Hickey(UCC) def M E Phelan(Galmoy) 2-0

B Singles

K Kenny(Castlebar) def E Murphy(Templederry) 2-0

Novice Singles

O Downey(Moycullen) def A Phelan(Galmoy) 2-0

Novice B Singles

C Kearns(Moycullen) def M Molloy(Moycullen) 2-1

Open Doubles

A Gill/A Hickey(Ballinrobe/UCC) def K Ryan/E Murphy(Rossmore/Templederry) 2-1

D/Novice Doubles

O Downey/R Downey(Moycullen) def A Phelan/K Grace(Galmoy) 2-0
Family Doubles
M Hickey/A Hickey(Rossmore/UCC) def A Gill/E Gill(Ballinrobe) 2-0
Posted on 23 Nov 2015 by Tournament Sec
Results of Ballinrobe 2015

Ballinrobe Open

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November 2015

At Lakeside Sports & Fitness, Ballinrobe


Men’s Open Singles

N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Devenney(Queens) 2-0

Men’s B Singles

M O`Connor(Moycullen) def  D Ryder(Newport) 2-1

Men’s D/Novice Singles

A Farmer(Tralee) def  M Shaughnessy(Galway) 2-0

Men’s 40+ Singles

N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Devenney(Queens) 2-0

Men’s 50+ Singles

P Benson(Galway) def  F Duffy(Clones)  2-0

Men’s C/D/N Doubles

M Lynch/A Farmer(Tralee) def  P Benson/R Keane)(Galway/Ballinrobe) 2-0

Men's 45+ Doubles

M Kelly/Lynch/Benson 2-0

Women’s D/Novice Singles

K Conway(Castlebar) def R Downey(Moycullen) 2-1

Posted on 09 Nov 2015 by Tournament Sec
30th Kilkenny Open Results
Saturday and Sunday 25th/26th October
At O`Loughlins Sports Centre & Callan Co Kilkenny
Men`s Open 
N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def S Quinn(Rossmore) 2-1
Men`s B Singles
S O`Loan (Queens) def M O`Loan(Queens) 2-0
Men`s C/D Singles
E Buggy(Muckalee) def K Cottrell(Muckalee) 2-0
Men`s Novice Singles
A O`Sullivan(Callan) def G Delaney(Muckalee) 2-1
Men`s Novice B Singles
T O`Sullivan(Callan) def ME Phelan(Galmoy) 2-0
Men`s 40+ Singles
N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Gannon(Arklow) 2-0
Men`s 50+ Singles
P Cleary(Ballyanne) def J Ramsbottom(Kilkenny) 2-0
Junior Under 15 Singles
ME Phelan(Galmoy) def J Hanrahan(Galmoy) 2-0
Junior Under Singles Plate
K O Gorman (Araglen) def D Hanrahan (Galmoy) 2-0 
Men's Open Doubles
C Skehan & M Murphy(CIT/Muckalee) def J Gannon & J Farrell(Arklow) 2-0
Men's CD Doubles
K Cottrell & G Delaney(Muckalee) def  A O'Sullivan & T O'Sullivan(Callan) 2-0
Posted on 25 Oct 2015 by Tournament Sec

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