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2014/15 Kilkenny Open

Kilkenny Open
At O`Loughlins Gaels Sports Centre, Kilkenny

Open Singles

P Hanley(Fermoy) def A Neary(Arklow) 2-1

B Singles
P O`Donnell(Arklow) def P Ryder(Newport) 2-1

C/D Singles
D Lalor(Kilkenny) def E Buggy(Muckalee) 2-0

Novice A Singles
S Kelly (Muckalee) def  K Cottrell(Ballyanne) 2-0

Novice B Singles
A O`Sullivan(Callan) def D Lowry(St Josephs, Wexford) 2-0

40 + Singles
N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def  P O`Donnell(Arklow) 2-0

50+ Singles
B Morrissey(Fethard) def J Comerford(Kilkenny) 2-0

Open Doubles
M Murphy/S Quinn(Muckalee/Rossmore) def  A Neary/P Hanley(Arklow/Fermoy) 2-1

C/D/Novice Doubles
K Cottrell/D O`Connor(Ballyanne) def B Morrissey/K Coffey(Fethard) 2-1

Women’s Open Singles
A Hickey(Rossmore) def M Haverty(Castlebar) 2-0

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Kilkenny Open 2014

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th May 2014

Men Singles

Open;  P Hanley(Fermoy) def N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) 2-1

B; P O`Donnell(Arklow) def A Hickey(Rossmore) 2-0

C/D; E Tynan(Fethard) def  P Dowd (Muckalee) 2-0

Novice; P Morrissey(Kilkenny) def K Cotrell(Templeudigan) 2-0

Novice B; D Power(Michelstown) def M Malone(Kilkenny) 2-0

40+; N O`Callaghan (Fermoy) def G Lynch(Queens, Belfast) 2-0

50+; B Morrissey(Fethard) def J Fitzgerald(Arklow) 2-0

Men’s Doubles

Open; 1. A Neary/M Murphy(Arklow/Muckalee) 2. C Skehan/P O'Donnell (CIT/Arklow)

C/D; E Tynan/B Morrissey(Fethard) v D Lalor/M Malone(Kilkenny) 2-1


C/D Singles; C Doherty(Galmoy) def  ME Phelan(Galmoy) 2-0

Doubles; C Doherty/ME Phelan (Galmoy) def A Phelan/A Russell(Galmoy) 2-0

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30th Arklow & 33rd Irish Open

3rd - 5th May 2014

Mens Singles
Open; N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def M Murphy(Muckalee) 2-1
B/C; M Barnes(Arklow) def A Hickey(Rossmore) 2-1
D; J Skehan(Touraneena) def J Tennant(Wexford) 2-0
Novice; K Cottrell(Templeudigan) def D O`Connor(Templeudigan) 2-0
Over 40: N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def J Gannon(Arklow) 2-0
Over 50; B Morrissey(Fethard) def P Cleary(New Ross) 2-0
Mens Doubles
Open; M Murphy (Muckalee)/S Quinn (Rossmore) def J Gannon (Arklow)/P O'Donnell (Arklow)
C/D/Novice; E Tynan (Fethard)/ B Morrissy (Fethard) def K Cottrell (Templeudigan)/ G
Delaney (Muckalee) 2-0

Womens Singles
Open; A Hickey (Rossmore) def M Haverty (Castlebar) 2-0
Blue Division; T Neary (Arklow) def S Farrell (Arklow) WBF
C/D/Novice;  A Phelan (Galmoy) def K Conway (Castlebar) 2-1

Womens Doubles
Open; M Haverty(Castlebar)/ K Kenny (Castlebar) def T Neary (Arklow)/S Farrell (Arklow)


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All Ireland Junior Singles

All Ireland Junior Championships
Sat 26th April 2014
At Fermoy

Under 10 Singles
Daniel Hanrahan(Galmoy) def Seanog O`Doherty(Araglen) 2-0
Under 12 Singles
Billy Drennan(Galmoy) def Ben Coady(Araglen) 2-1
Under 14 Singles
Conor Drennan(Galmoy) 2-0 def Jack Hanrahan(Galmoy) 2-0
Under 18 Singles
Darragh O`Donoghue(Araglen) def Tiernan O`Brien(Mitchelstown) 2-0

Under 12 Singles
Miriam Murphy(Templederry) def Sheenagh Hickey(Araglen) 2-0
Under 14 Singles
Mary Ellen Phelan (Galmoy) def Leanne Ryan(Templederry) 2-0

Posted on 28 Apr 2014 by admin
All Ireland Singles Championships

12th & 13th April 2014

at St Josephs Community Centre, Wexford

Men's Open Singles
N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def M Murphy(Muckalee) 14-15, 15-8, 11-10
Men's B Singles
P O'Donnell (Arklow) def P. Ryder (Newport) 15-8, 10-15, 11-6
Men's C Singles
J Ryan (Rossmore) def F McDonagh (Galway) 15-14, 15-3
Men's D Singles
D. O'Donoghue (Araglin) def K Cottrell (Templeudigan) 15-3, 15-9
Men's Novice Singles
T Coonan(Muckalee) def J.Barrett (Mitchelstown) 9-15, 15-9, 11-7
Men's Novice B Singles
J. Byrne (Templeudigan) def M Moran (Wexford) 15-5, 15,8
Women's Open Singles
A Hickey (UCC) def K Kenny (Castlebar) 15-5, 15-6
Women's D singles
A Russell (Galmoy) def K Conway (Castlebar) 12-15, 15-9, 11-9
Women's Novice Singles
K Conway (Castlebar) def A Russell(Galmoy) 15-14, 0-15, 11-6

Posted on 20 Apr 2014 by admin
23rd Castlebar Open

Saturday 22nd March 2014

Men`s Singles
Open: Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def Mark Murphy(Muckalee) 2-0
B: Kevin Jennings(Castlebar) def John Walsh(Galway) 2-0
C/D; Frank McDonagh(Galway) def Darragh  O`Donoghue(Araglin) 2-0 inj forfeit
Novice:: Alan Farmer(Tralee) def David Cunningham(Castlebar) 2-1
40+; Noel O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def Joe Devenney(Queens) 2-0

Women's Singles
Aisling Hickey(UCC) def Majella Haverty(Castlebar) 2-0

Men's Doubles
C/D: Michael Lynch/Alan Farmer(Tralee) def David Cunningham/Frank McDonagh(Castlebar/Galway) 2-1

Posted on 23 Mar 2014 by admin
1st Wexford Open

8th & 9th March 2014


Wexford Open

Men`s Singles
Open: A Neary(Arklow def M Murphy(Muckalee) 2-0
B: C Skehan(Cork IT)def M Barnes(Arklow) 2-1
C/D: M Barnes(Arklow)def Pat Cleary(Ballyanne) 2-1
Novice A: S O'Neill(Templeudigan) def K Cottrell(Templeudigan) 2-0
Novice B: J Byrne(Templeudigan ) def J Tennent(St Joseph's) 2-1
Novice C: D Lowey(St Joseph's) def J Nolan(Kilmyshall) 2-1
40+: J Devenney(Queens,Belfast) def  P Cleary(Ballyanne) 2-0

Men`s Doubles
Open: C Skehan & J Ryan(Cork IT/Rossmore) def J Skehan & D O`Donoghue(Touraneena/Araglin)
C/D/N: S O`Neill & M ONeill`(Wexford) def N Keogh & B Redmond(Wexford) 2-1

Women`s Singles
Open: A Hickey(Rossmore) def M Haverty(Castlebar) 2-0
Women`s Doubles
Novice: C Doherty & S Breen(Galmoy/Wexford) def A Russell & A Phelan(Galmoy)

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Intervarsities Championships 2014

At Fermoy 

27th & 28th February


Open Division:
Conor Skehan (Cork IT) def Aisling Hickey(UCC)
Ladies Division:
Kayrin Ong(UCC) def Orlaith O'Sullivan(UCC)
Mens Division 1:
Donal Horgan(UCC)def Nacho Del Barrio(CIT)
Mens Division 2:
Dylan McCarty( CIT) def Stephen O'Neill(CIT)
Mens Division 3:
Daniel Benítez( CIT) def Paul Forde(UCC)

Team - UCC 48pts, CIT 42 pts


Posted on 08 Mar 2014 by admin
1st Galway Open

15th & 16th February 2014

Mens Singles


Mark Murphy(Muckalee) def N O'Callaghan(Fermoy) 2-0


S Quinn(Rossmore) def J Devenney(Queens) 2-0


J Walsh(Galway) def D O'Donoghue(Araglin) 2-0


M O'Connor(Moycullen) def J Drennan(Galmoy) 2-0

Over 40:

N O'Callaghan(Fermoy) def G Lynch(Queens) 2-0


Mens Doubles


Skehan/O'Keeney(Cork IT/Fermoy) def Gannon/O'Donnell(Arklow) 2-0


Lawlor/Delaney(Kilkenny) def  Benson/Kelly(Galway/Ballinrobe) 2-0


Women Singles

D Ryder(Newport) def K Kenny(Castlebar) 2-1


A Russell(Galmoy) def O Downey(Moycullen) 2-0




Posted on 17 Feb 2014 by admin
All Ireland Junior B Championships(2012)

25th January 2014
at Fermoy

Boys Under 10 Singles
Gearoid Phelan(Galmoy) def D Hanrahan(Galmoy) 2-1

Boys Under 12 Singles
Paul Hynes(Araglin) def J Kearney(Araglin) 2-0

Girls Under 12 Singles
Jennifer Ryan(Rossmore) def K Davern(Rossmore) 2-0


Posted on 17 Feb 2014 by admin
Fermoy Open

18 & 19th January 2014

at Fermoy Youth Centre.

Men’s Open Singles

N O`Callaghan (Fermoy) def M Murphy (Kilkenny)

Men’s B Singles

J Ryan (Rossmore) def A Hickey (Rossmore)

Men’s C/D Singles:
J Devenney (Derry) def M Barnes (Arklow)

Men’s Novice Singles
J Bonn def J O’Brian

Men’s 40+ Singles
J Gannon (Arklow) def P O’Donnell (Arklow)

Men’s 50+ Singles
P Cleary (Ballyanne) – Round Robin winner

Men's Open Doubles
M Murphy & S Quinn (Kilkenny & Rossmore) def J Gannon & P O'Donnell (Arklow)

Men’s C/D/Novice Doubles
M Barnes & Pat Cleary (Arklow & Ballyanne) def M Kelly & J Devenney (Ballinrobe & Derry)

Posted on 17 Feb 2014 by admin
All Ireland Doubles & Overage Singles

1st February

in Kilkenny

U13 Doubles
1. S Ryan & C Ryan, 2. M Ellen & G Phelan(Galmoy)

30+ Singles
1. N O`Callaghan (Fermoy) , 1. G Lynch(Queens)

40+ Singles
1. N O`Callaghan(Fermoy)  , 2. J Gannon(Arklow)

45+ Singles
1. F McDonagh(Galway) , 2. D Lalor(Kilkenny)

50+ Singles
1.F Duffy(Clones) , 2. J Roche(Wexford)

40+ Doubles
1. F McDonagh & D Cunningham(Galway/Castlebar)

Novice Doubles
1. G Delaney & K Cottrell(Kilkenny), 2. E O?Neill & D Cunnigham(Kilkenny/Castl;ebar)

Intermediate Doubles
1. R Breen & P Cleary, (Ballyanne) C Skehan & E Tynan(CIT/Fethard)

Open Doubles
1. J Gannon & P O`Donnell(Arklow)

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