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Wexford 60x30 Open

11th & 12th January 2014


Awaiting Results

Posted on 17 Feb 2014 by admin
All Ireland Junior Championships

16th November 2013

in Kilkenny

Boys Under 9
1. Daniel Hanrahan (Galmoy, Kilkenny)
2. David Sherman (Galmoy, Kilkenny)
3. Sean Og O Grady (Arglen, Cork)

Boys Under 11
1. Billy Drennan (Galmoy, Kilkenny)
2. Ben Carey (Arglen, Cork)
3. Jack Kearney (Arglen, Cork)

Boys Under 13
1. Conor Drennan (Galmoy, Kilkenny)
2. Aaron Kennedy (Rossmore, Tipperary)
3. Paul Hynes (Arglen, Cork)

Boys Under 15
1. James Ryan (Rossmore, Tipperary)
2. Sean Phelan (Galmoy, Kilkenny)

Boys Under 17
1. James Ryan (Rossmore, Tipperary)
2. Darragh O Donoghue (Arglen, Cork)

Posted on 16 Nov 2013 by admin
Ballinrobe Open

9th & 10th November 2013

Men’s Open Singles:
Noel O`Callaghan (Fermoy) def Jimmy Gannon (Arklow) 2-0
Men’s B/C Singles:
Pa O'Donnell (Arklow) def Daniel Gill (Athenry) 2-1
Men’s D/Novice Singles:
Michael O'Loan (Queens) def Niall Heaney (Ballinrobe) 2-0
Men’s 40+ Singles:
Stevie O'Loan (Queens) def Gary Lynch (Queens) 2-1
Men’s 50+ Singles:
Padraic Benson (Galway) def Kieran Conway (Castlebar) 2-0
Men's Open Doubles:
Conor Skehan & Padraig Ryder (Touraneena & Newport) def Jimmy Gannon & Pa O'Donnell (Arklow) 2-0
Mens C/D/Novice doubles:
Padraic Benson & Shane Heaney (Galway) def Michael Kelly & Joe Glynn (Ballinrobe & Athenry) 2-0
Men's 50+ Doubles:
Padraic Benson & Joe Glynn (Galway & Athenry) def Michael Kelly & Pat Hayes (Ballinrobe) 2-1
Women's Open Singles:
Aisling Hickey (Rossmore) def Donna Ryder ( Newport) 2-1
Women's Novice Singles:
Ailbhe Gill ( Ballinrobe) def Rosie Downey(Moycullen) 2-0

Posted on 10 Nov 2013 by admin
Irish Junior International

25-28 July 2013

at Wexford

Boys Singles
Under 8
D Hanrahan(Galmoy) def C Ryan (Templederry)
Under 10
L Valor(Venezuela) def B Drennan(Galmoy)
Under 12
L Valor(Venezuela) def Sean Ryan(Templederry)
Under 14
V Loza (Bolivia) def L Segundo(Bolivia)

Under 16
A Santo(Venezuela) def J Moreno(Bolivia) 

Under 21
Luis Segundo(Bolivia) def S Quinn (Rossmore) 
Girls Singles
Under 10
M  Hackett (Fethard) def  M Murphy(Templederry)
Girls 12 
M Phelan (Galmoy) def S Ryan(Rossmore)
Under 14
A Carey (Templederry) def E Murphy(Templederry)
Under 16
A Carey(Templederry) def E Murphy(Templederry)
Under 18
K Ryan(Rossmore) def E Murphy(Templederry)

Under 21
K Kenny(Castlebar) def K Ryan(Rossmore)

Boys Doubles
Under 10
B Phelan/Phelan(Galmoy) def L Valor/Daniel Hanrahan(Venezuela/Galmoy)
Under 12
S Ryan/C Ryan(Rossmore) def A Kennedy/L Valor(Rossmore/Venezuela)
Under 14
L Segundo/V Loza(Bolivia) def J Ryan/J Skehan(Rossmore/Tournaneena)
Under 16
D Carey/S Quinn(Templederry/Rossmore) def J Moreno/L Segundo(Bolivia)
Under 21
A Santos/E Molina(Bolivia) def A Hickey/K Kenny(Rossmore/Castlebar)
Girls Doubles
Under 12
C Carey/M Phelan,(Templederry/Galmoy) def M Hackett/E Burke(Fethard)
Under 14
E Murphy/A Carey(Templederry) def V Valor/L Zea(Venezuela)
Under 21
A Hickey/K Kenny(Rossmore/Castlebar) def E Murphy/Kate Ryan(Templederry/Rossmore)
Posted on 29 Jul 2013 by admin
All Ireland 60 x 30 Doubles

All Ireland 60 x 30 Doubles Championships
At Kilkenny Venues
1st & 2nd June 2013

Men’s Open
1. Ray Breen/Ken Cottrell(Ballyanne), 2. Shem Kelly/Tom Morrissey(Kilkenny)
Men’s Intermediate
1. Conor Skehan/Padraic Ryder(Touraneena/Newport), 2. Eoin Tynan(Fethard)/Tomas Coonan(Kilkenny)
Men’s Junior
1. Brendan O Toole/Colin Kavanagh (Garda Club), 2. Derek O Mahoney/Cornelius O Flynn(Kilkenny)
Men’s Novice
1. Eoin O`Mahoney/JP O Neill(Kilkenny), 2. Jim Doyle/Anthony Flannigan(Kilkenny)
Men’s 40+
1. Pat Langton/Mick Malone(Kilkenny), 2. Don Lalor/Jim Doyle(Kilkenny)
Women’s Open
1. Danielle Coonan/Edel Coonan(Kilkenny), 2. Catherine Doherty/Avril Phelan(Galmoy)
Men’s Under 21
1. Conor Skehan/Padraic Ryder(Touraneena/Newport), 2. Eoin O Mahoney/Brian Cahill(Kilkenny)

Posted on 05 Jun 2013 by admin
Kilkenny Open 2013


Mens Open:

Noel O`Callaghan beat Mark Murphy 2-0

Mens Open Plate:

Gary Lynch(Queens) beat Padraic Ryder

CD Singles:

James Ryan(Rossmore) def Daragh O'Donoghue (forfeit- Daragh inj)

Novice Singles:

Tomas Coonan (Kilkenny) beat Pat Morrissey (Kilkenny) 2-0

Novice plate:

Michael Cash (Ballyanne) beat Liam Drennan (Galmoy)

Womens Open:

Aisling Hickey beat Kate Ryan 2-1

Women's D Novice:

Edel Coonan (Kilkenny) beat Catherine Doherty (Galmoy) 2-0

Mens 40+

Gary Lynch beat Joe Devenney 2-1

Mens 50+

Pat Cleary (Ballyanne) beat John Comerford 2-0

Mens Open Doubles

Noel OCallaghan/Ray Breen beat Mark Murphy/Pat Cleary 2-0

Mens CD Doubles:

James Ryan/Jack Skehan beat Shayne Heaney/John Walsh (Galway)

Women's Open Doubles:

Edel Coonan/Danielle Coonan (Kilkenny) beat Kate Ryan/Beth Mitten 2-1

Boys U18:

Winner: Ciaran Phelan (Galmoy)

Boys u14:

Billy Drennan beat Conor Drennan (Galmoy) 2-0

Posted on 31 May 2010 by admin
32nd Irish Open & 29th Arklow Open

32nd Irish Open
at Arklow

Men Singles
N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) def E Paez(Venezuela) 2-0
B/C Singles
P O’Donnell (Arklow) def M Barnes(Arklow) 2-1
C/D Singles
D O`Donoughue(Araglin) def J Skehan(Touraneena) 2-1
Novice Singles
N Kehoe( Ballyanne) def M Cash(Ballyanne) 2-1
40+ Singles
J Gannon (Arklow) def G Lynch(Queens) 2-0
50+ Singles
P Cleary(Ballyanne) def  J Fitzgerald(Arklow) 2-0

Women’s Singles
A Hickey(Rossmore) def M Tobon(Venezuela)
B Singles
P Guerra(Venezuela) def S Neary(Arklow) 2-0
Novice Singles
C Doherty(Galmoy) def C Lynch(Queens) 2-0

Men’s Open Doubles
N O`Callaghan/R Breen(Fermoy) def P Ryder/C Skehan(Newport/Touraneena) 2-0
Women’s Open Doubles
K Kenny/M Haverty(Castlebar) def  A Hickey/K Ryan(Rossmore) 2-1
Men’s C/D Doubles
J Skehan/D O`Donoughue(Touraneena/Araglin) def S Heaney/J Walsh(Galway) 2-0

Posted on 06 May 2013 by admin
Intervarsities Championships 2013

25th April

at Kilkenny

Elite Singles
1. Conor Skekan(Cork IT) 2. Aisling  Hickey (University College Cork)
Novice Singles
1. Sarah  Murray(University College Cork), 2. Owen Dillon(Cork IT)
1. Cork IT 2. UC Cork 3. NUI Galway 4. Mater Dei Dublin

Posted on 27 Apr 2013 by admin
All Ireland Junior Championships

Saturday 20th April

at Templederry, Co Tipperary

Girls U-12
Mary Ellen Phelan (Galmoy) def Sinead Ryan, (Rossmore)
Girls U-14
Emma Jane Burke (Fethard) def Megan Hackett, (Fethard)
Boys U-10
Billy Drennan (Galmoy) def Daniel Hanrahan (Galmoy)
Boys U -12
Sean Ryan (Rossmore) def Cathal Ryan (Rossmore)
Boys U-14
Matt Ryan  (Templederry) def Conor Looby (Templederry)
Boys U-16
Jimmy Ryan (Rossmore)  def Darragh O Donoghue (Araglen)
Boys U-18
Jimmy Ryan (Rossmore) def Jack Skehan (Touraneena) 

Posted on 24 Apr 2013 by admin
All Ireland Singles Championships

6th & 7th April 2013

at Kingscourt, Co Cavan

Mens Singles
P Hanley (Fermoy) def N O`Callaghan(Fermoy) 15-14, 15-1
Mens B Singles
R Breen(Ballyanne) def P Ryder (Newport) 15-5, 15-11
Mens C Singles
S Quinn(Rossmore) def J Ryan(Rossmore) 11-15, 15-8, 11-1
Mens D Singles
J Ryan(Rossmore) def D Lalor(Kilkenny) 15-6, 15-12
Mens Novice Singles
D O`Donoughue(Araglin) def J Skehan(Touraneena) 15-11, 5-15, 11-7
Womens Singles
A Hickey(Rossmore) def K Kenny(Castlebar) 15-13, 15-7
Womesn C Singles
B Mitten (Castlebar) def A Phelan(Galmoy) 15-2, 15-2
Womens Novice Singles
A Phelan(Galmoy) def N Glendon(Galmoy) 15-2, 15-6

Posted on 07 Apr 2013 by admin
22nd Castlebar Open


23rd & 24th March 2013

Men`s Singles
Open; P Hanley(Fermoy) def M Murphy(Kilkenny) 2-0
B/C; P Ryder(Newport) def J Devenney(Queens, Belfast) 2-0
D; A Hickey(Rossmore) def F McDonagh(Galway) 2-0
Novice; J Skehan(Touraneena) def M Gielty(Castlebar) 2-0
Over 40; J Devenney(Queens) def G Lynch(Queens) 2-0

Women`s Singles
Open; A Hickey(Rossmore) def D Ryder(Newport) 2-0

Men`s Doubles
Open; C Skehan/P Ryder(Cork IT/Newport) def M Murphy/E Buggy(Kilkenny) 2-1
C/D/Novice; J Ryan/J Skehan(Rossmore/Touraneena) def P Hayes/F McDonagh(Ballinrobe/Galway) 2-0
Over 50; P Benson/M Kelly(Galway/Ballinrobe) def T Reilly/M Gielty(Castlebar) 2-1

Women's Doubles
K Ryan/D Ryder(Rossmore/Newport) def M Haverty/K Kenny(Castlebar) 2-1




All Ireland Club Championships 2013

2nd & 3rd March 

At Galway.

Men's Open Final
Kilkenny (M Murphy, E Buggy) 3. Queens, Belfast (S O`Loan, J Devenny) 0
Men's Intermediate Final
Galway (P Benson, J Walsh, S Heaney, J Glynn) 3. Kilkenny (E Buggy, D Lawlor, P Dowd) 3
Galway won on points

Posted on 25 Mar 2013 by admin
2012 All Ireland Junior B Championships

9th February 2013
Fethard. Co Tipperary

Boys under 8
Daniel Hanrahan(Galmoy) def Cathal Flannery(Castlebar)
Boys U 10
Jack Kearney(Araglen)  def Gearoid Phelan (Galmoy)
Boys U 12
Conor Drennan (Galmoy) def Mikie Ryan(Templderry)
Boys U 14
Oisin Phelan(Galmoy) def Jack O Dwyer(Templderry) 
Boys U 16
Kieran Phelan(Galmoy) def Sean Phelan(Galmoy)

Girls U 10
Jennifer Ryan (Rossmore) def Rachel O Loughlin (Fethard)
Girls U 12
Mary Ellen Phelan(Galmoy) def Leanne Ryan(Templderry) 
Girls U 14
Mary Ellen Phelan(Galmoy)  def  Niamh Flannery(Castlebar)

Posted on 17 Feb 2013 by admin

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